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Cake Adjustable Slicer

Cutting cakes or pies can be tricky especially if you want to keep everybody happy by making sure they get equal sizes. Now with the Cake Adjustable Slicer, you won’t have to sweat it.

The Cake Adjustable Slicer makes the job easy with its fully-adjustable, triangular cake cutter and scalloped edges. Simply sink the Cake Adjustable Slicer into the pastry and let it work itself through to the very bottom. Once the cake is sliced, you can pick the piece up with the Cake Adjustable Slicer and it's built-in holding plate so you can be sure none of the baked goodness goes to waste.

  • Made with food-grade PP plastic
  • Fully adjustable slicer with built-in holding plate
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Cuts cakes and pies without mess and accidental squishing
  • Handy at just 26cm long